Dirty Harry show which also includes The Godfather & The Untouchable (1987) 

This is a Smith & Wesson revolver movies show where attendees will learn about the different frames and metal that S&W uses to make their classic guns.

Attendees will shoot:

  • The S&W model 29 revolver in 44 Magnum from Dirty Harry.
  • The S& W model 36 (no dash) revolver from the Godfather that Vito Corleone retrieves in the restroom to shoot the Police Captain and Sollatzo in the Italian Restaurant.
  • The S& W model 10 that Stone and Malone carry in The Untouchables, and use in the drastic scene towards the end where Stone shoot the hostage taker in the stairs.).

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Pulp fiction also includes the Bourne Identity and Lethal Weapon 

This is a classic semi-automatic pistols movies show where attendees will learn the difference between a double-action, single-action and 1911 type semi-automatic pistols.

Attendees will shoot:

  • The chromed with pearl handles Auto-Ordnance that John Travolta (Vincent Vega) from Pulp Fiction.
  • The Glock 19 with laser sight with which Jason Bourne tries to shoot Wombosi in the yacht.
  • The Sig PRO that Jason Bourne retrieves from his safety deposit box in Zurich.
    The Beretta 92F that Officer Rig Carries

Die Hard show that also includes Taken & The Bodyguard (1987) 

This is a classic semi-automatic pistols movies show where attendees will learn about the Browning High Power, the very popular Beretta and the Taurus millennium.

Attendees will shoot:

  • The Beretta 92F from Die Hard and Taken. This gun is in so many movies that it was hard to pick one.
  • The Browning High Power from The Bodyguard where Frank Farmer, who protects Whitney Houston, shoots two assassins with, one in a dramatic scene towards the end where he too gets shot.
  • The Taurus Millennium used by Liam Neeson also in Taken.

Revisit The Scenes, Learn About the Guns, And . . . Shoot Them! 

Seating capacity is 10 people maximum (RESERVATION REQUIRED). We can accommodate special group at any time.  The shows are about 2 ½ hour each. We have pre-set sessions, as shown below, or we can mix and match the movies to create you own show!