Die Hard show that also includes Taken & The Bodyguard (1987) 

This is a classic semi-automatic pistols movies show where attendees will learn about the Browning High Power, the very popular Beretta and the Taurus millennium.

Attendees will shoot:

  • The Beretta 92F from Die Hard and Taken. This gun is in so many movies that it was hard to pick one.
  • The Browning High Power from The Bodyguard where Frank Farmer, who protects Whitney Houston, shoots two assassins with, one in a dramatic scene towards the end where he too gets shot.
  • The Taurus Millennium used by Liam Neeson also in Taken.

Revisit The Scenes, Learn About the Guns, And . . . Shoot Them! 

Seating capacity is 10 people maximum (RESERVATION REQUIRED). We can accommodate special group at any time.  The shows are about 2 ½ hour each. We have pre-set sessions, as shown below, or we can mix and match the movies to create you own show! 

Dirty Harry show which also includes The Godfather & The Untouchable (1987) 

This is a Smith & Wesson revolver movies show where attendees will learn about the different frames and metal that S&W uses to make their classic guns.

Attendees will shoot:

  • The S&W model 29 revolver in 44 Magnum from Dirty Harry.
  • The S& W model 36 (no dash) revolver from the Godfather that Vito Corleone retrieves in the restroom to shoot the Police Captain and Sollatzo in the Italian Restaurant.
  • The S& W model 10 that Stone and Malone carry in The Untouchables, and use in the drastic scene towards the end where Stone shoot the hostage taker in the stairs.).

Pulp fiction also includes the Bourne Identity and Lethal Weapon 

This is a classic semi-automatic pistols movies show where attendees will learn the difference between a double-action, single-action and 1911 type semi-automatic pistols.

Attendees will shoot:

  • The chromed with pearl handles Auto-Ordnance that John Travolta (Vincent Vega) from Pulp Fiction.
  • The Glock 19 with laser sight with which Jason Bourne tries to shoot Wombosi in the yacht.
  • The Sig PRO that Jason Bourne retrieves from his safety deposit box in Zurich.
    The Beretta 92F that Officer Rig Carries

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