Finally, creating a Plan of Action takes all the previous items into consideration plus additional ​criterion as:

  • What are your external circumstances, such as "How far is help?"
  • What is your preferred strategy? Do you want to "Fight or Flight?"
  • ​What to do if the adults are separated from the children (even pets) during an invasion?

An excellent add-on to any audit is to have our experts practice the Plan of Action scenarios!

What you choose to ignore CAN hurt you.

A Home Safety audit is not just about how thick are your walls or what type of alarm system you have. The dimensions of an effective Home Safety Audit includes these three critical components:

  • Premise Vulnerability
  • Human Factor
  • Plan of Action

​It takes an honest expert who can think like a criminal in order to spot your home's vulnerable areas. While some locations are obvious, others are not.​

A solid audit must also include an evaluation of the 'human side' of the equation, including who you are trying to protect, what are their skills/abilities and each person's responsibility level.