Not for the inexperienced or faint of heart, these 1-3 day events build training and trust between a small team of 4 to 8 individuals. From "River Crossing" to a "Beach Assault" and even a full "Swamp Run" your team will learn functions such as hand signals, recognize and remove "hostiles", Areas Of Responsibility (AOR), plus the basics of room clearing in our 360-degree shoot house. The swamp run provides the opportunity to cross a river in full gear, how to progress quietly to complete a fun "mission" while engaging "hostiles".  See what surprises await you! 

Security Guard Training

Earn your  “PRIVATE SECURITY SPECIALIST CERTIFICATE” with this home-study course that includes study manual and unlimited access to the examination. Study at your own pace our exclusive 340-page manual, complete with illustrations. This manual is used in training facilities across the USA.

This 50-STATES compatible Security Guard Trainee Manual provides you with 24 to 60 hours’ worth of study materials covering all the critical knowledge needed to become an "Unarmed", G licensed, security professional.

Vehicle Carjacking Class

This 9-hour course brings to you unparalleled experience to manage defensive situations in and around a vehicle.

Each student is provided a car windshield that will be shot throughout the class that will give reality to shooting from inside and outside a vehicle. This course demonstrates the defensive skills that may save your life in a real carjacking experience.

Adventure Courses

Training is not a one time event. For those individuals who want to take their skill set to the next level, Safe N Secure has an facility that supports a variety of advanced classes. Our experts will provide some of the most interesting and challenging practical shooting stations available.  The range enables all types of shooters to enjoy specialized training with their handguns, shotguns and rifles.