This Defensive Instructor Credential is accessible to any NRA Certified Pistol Instructor who wishes to teach defensive pistol or shotgun to civilians for the purpose of self-protection.

This course encompasses basic practical shooting techniques such as drawing for a holster, shooting on the move and various positions, light disciplines, carjacking defensive and vehicle-defensive shooting, including live fire exercises where each student is provided his/her own windshield to shoot through, from both inside-out, and outside in, to provide the most realistic experience possible.

For those that haven't yet completed the NRA Certified Personal Protection Instructor course, Safe N Secure offers combining that course with this course.  

Florida Martial Arts Hall-of-Famer and Founder of the Kodiak Life Protection System, Keith Foskey. offers an opportunity for instructor certification in Kodiak Life Protection Systems.

The Basic Combative Instructor program is an intensive course created by the founder of Kodiak LPS which is designed to provide all the necessary training and material to teach two basic personal protection courses (a one-hour seminar, and a three-hour "hands-on" course).

This program is endorsed by the National College of Martial Arts, Shinja Martial Arts University and the Original European Jujitsu Union.



​FROM THE FOUNDER: ​In 2005, my best friend & I decided to take our firearm experience to the next level and became NRA Instructors. We started teaching from home to friends & neighbors and invested the income in guns (which we would have probably done anyway) and a small piece of land to build a range. Today, it is my full-time occupation that I truly enjoy. We have added another range and trained over 650 instructors and want you to know you can do it too! 


For those who desire to teach Concealed Carry and Home Defense courses the USCCA instructor program enables you to effectively teach the responsible, safe, and effective use of self-defense firearms in accordance with state and federal law.

Our students and instructors receive quality training and support and must demonstrate their competence and ability to teach others in a classroom and range environment.

Safe N Secure USCCA Training Counselor can help you add these credentials to your resume!

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NRA Instructor Training Courses help you develop the additional knowledge, skills and techniques needed to organize and teach courses in the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program. Knowing how to shoot and how to teach others how to shoot can be two different skills. At Safe N Secure, we employ full-time Training Counselors who have delivered over 650 NRA Instructor Credentials; We have a history of success and satisfaction.

To be certified to teach NRA courses, one must demonstrate that he or she possesses a solid background in firearm safety and shooting and handling skills. There are other prerequisites, and most Instructor Courses are discipline specific, such as Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun courses. At Safe N Secure, we specialize in combining courses to allow you to access as many credentials as possible in a single trip. Questions? Get in touch with us.

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