“Awesome Class - Extremely Professional!”

"I have been in the Army for the past 22 plus years. So, you can imagine that in my tenure in the Army, I have had many training classes ranging from 2 hours to 16 weeks. I thought that prior to taking the Training, Home Firearms Defense,  that it would be just another one of those powerpoint sleepers. You know what I mean. This 2 day course was exactly opposite. Dan and Bernard are awesome, and their personalities mesh well together. Every learning tool to keep the class attention was readily available for the class to use. There is definitely a lot of material to cover in 2 days, but we are out in the middle of the woods, at a great training facility, with no distractions. Not only did I receive great training but I made some great friends. If you are looking to learn about safety, firearms, tactics, home, and self defense, this is the place to go. I am an avid shooter, and a DIE HARD 2nd Amendment supporter, and these guys are too. They display the type of passion that spills over to the class, making it an incredible training event. I am getting ready for sign up for more certifications in the near future. I will only be trained by Bernard and Dan. Awesome. Thanks again."

Jeff Roseman
Ludowici, Georgia

“Top notch trainer”

"I have gone through countless training in both the military and corporate sectors in the past 20 years and by far, Bernard is rated as one of the finest and professional instructors out there. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase their effectiveness as mentor or professional trainer. I look forward to working with Bernard and his team in future courses. Bravo Zulu!"

Ron Valencia
Jacksonville Resident

“Excellent Professional Class”

"WOW….very tiring time but great classes due to the instructors. Having gone through years of advanced college courses the idea of 12 hours+ days I thought I would need to use some energy drink I purchased . But with the way the classes were organized and conducted time went by in a flash so I never needed them. Dan and Bernard are very engaging and excellent teachers."

Randy Eubank
Panama City, Florida

“Realistic Training for CCW!”

"I was amazed at the realistic training in the Pistol Defensive course compared to other pistol courses I have taken. This course covered not only the basic in a pistol course but also taught real applications of CCW techniques from true concealment. The course covered the implications of CCW and the use of deadly force in a self defense situation. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who considers CCW."

Posted by unknown 
December 2012

“Fantastic learning experience and practical shooting course!”

"My wife, my son and I all received defensive pistol training through Mr. Martinage. He is extremely professional as well as detail oriented, safety always comes first when he is training anyone, whether they are a new shooter or an experienced shooter. Personally, Mr. Martinages's candor and respectful demeanor allows him to assimilate easily with people both while performing his instructor duties and afterwards in a mentoring position. He takes safety and responsibility seriously and pursues his every endeavor with zeal and determination."

Dale Wood
Jacksonville Resident ) FL

“Excellent and Professional Pistol Defensive Class”

"I have recently taken the personal protection courses offered by the drop zone instructors. The class for both inside and outside the house have a lot of material to learn, the drop zone goes through all required materials and some . They have officers who have vast experience both in the handling of all makes and models of hand gun. The personal teaching and direction are second to none , they are very easy to learn from in a very direct and positive way .The materials were covered well and the end result was a the passing of the required test. Recommend this course highly."

Carl O'Rourke
Yulee Resident

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