Amelia Island & South GA Locations

Specifically designed for those using a Shotgun for defense, this course not only covers shotgun basics, but also shotgun handling, loading conditions and logic, plus shotgun grab techniques.

​The Pistol course also includes draw and carry techniques such as holster use and purse-draw.​​

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The Safe N Secure Academy offers you a very unique training environment that includes:

  • Two Tactical Bays.
  • A 1,200 square feet 360-degree ballistic shoothouse.
  • A 1.5 miles amphibious jungle course.
  • Night shooting abilities for realistic light discipline and light management related shooting.
  • A shooting range on Amelia Island


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These defensive training courses are designed and organized to effectively use your firearm for self-defense in a home or business environment.

Each 8-hour course includes how to work as a team, for example a married couple, plus customized training for the type of firearm.